Velkommen     Velkomin     Vastaanotto     Velkommen
Välkomna         Eingin Orsøk         Welcome

The Association was founded in 1980 to foster friendship, mutual interests and knowledge between the Highlands of Scotland and Scandinavia; to encourage visits and contacts; and to organise meetings and other activities for those in the Highlands with an interest in Scandinavia.

Members receive regular Newsletters containing information about coming events, news items and articles of topical interest. Social evenings, talks and outdoor activities are held according to season.

The Association sponsors informal language study groups in Norwegian and Swedish. We are not a travel agency but can give advice to members on travel and holidays. We like to hear about and liaise with musical and other Scandinavian groups visiting the Highlands.

We are interested in all ways of fostering and strengthening links between the Highlands and Scandinavia.